We are ATUM

The Plugin

ATUM inventory management plugin is giving the WooCommerce users all the necessary tools for becoming more efficient in controlling their businesses. ATUM plugin and its add-ons make the inventory management within the entire WooCommerce range of shops a breeze. ATUM is naturally crafted into the friendly and familiar WordPress interface. From small merchants to large corporations, businesses will find ATUM to be the bread and butter of their day to day operations.


Inventory is just the beginning. We are creating something genuine, significant and brilliant in every way.


ATUM does not stop with stock counts. We take your business to the next level of control. Your sales powered up, instantly.


Stop paying an outrageous amount of money for your inventory management software. ATUM takes the add-on pricing with small business in mind.


The team of Stock Management Labs™ commits to doing everything in their power to support members in every way possible and to listen to its users while developing the ATUM plugin.

Advanced Preview of the complete business activity.
Preview of the teams productivity.
The conversion rate preview and complete communication history.

The Team

Boys responsible for the most advanced inventory management plugin for WooCommerce.

Pavel Minarik

Founder & CEO


Andrej Svorc



Salva Machí

Lead Developer


José Andrés Piera

Junior Developer


Andrés Gimeno

Graphic Designer


There was a light at the end of the tunnel

It was September 2016, sunny day with temperatures hitting 25 celsius. You could hear the children playing hide and seek in the garden. The godly smell of roasted chicken with a tiny hint of garlic coming out of the kitchen downstairs. Almost everything was perfect that day. However, upstairs, sitting by the computer I was trying to help to figure out a way of getting my client’s company inventory in shape. The helpless feeling of trying to find the perfect solution. I was trying to concentrate, but my heart wanted to share this lovely day with my beautiful daughter. I should spend the weekends with family and friends, and so should everyone else, am I right? So I closed my laptop and had one of the best two days of my life.

It was Monday morning, and I had to wake up to face the real world.

The first thing I did at the office, was not checking my emails or getting an early coffee. I sat behind my desk and finished the job for my client. Then, I started to browse the web for software that would help running a business and get inventory organised. I was surprised to find plenty of options to help business with inventory management. However, I was shocked to realise that most solutions were taking a huge cut out of the users’ pockets. Paying hundreds per month for software that will only allow one person to work with it? What will happen with all the small size sellers, family business and companies running very low margins?! Well, I know what will happen; all of them will put in extra hours every day and try to get things done instead of spending quality time with their loved ones. I knew what to do to change that.

That’s Where the Story Began

Pavel Minarik